Bony To Beastly

“You can naturally gain 20 pounds of muscle in under 90 days.” ~ Daniel

Bony to Beastly | The muscle-building program for skinny guys. 

It is a gym program designed “by skinny guys for skinny guys” so if you are like me you can relate much better to this than just trying to do some general fitness program prepared by some buffed dude that was never skinny in the first place.

My journey to muscular body

I never worked out in my entire life as I was afraid of a gym. I started my transformation when I was 28 and little did I know how much my life will change for the better when I found: Bony to Beastly | The muscle-building program for skinny guys. 

Member transformations

Behold the amazing transformations! A stellar outcome, results, that’s what it looks like when you put the effort into working out using the proper program that fits your needs …



1.] Bony to Beastly eBook
The muscle-building program for skinny guys. Entire eBook with a ton of information.

2.] The Workout Guide
5 months of training and amazing results at the end!

3.] The Muscle-Building Recipe eBook
Amazing bulking recipes, whole meals, smoothies and more.


I did several interviews with the program founders and senior members who finished the program.

Join Bony to Beastly

This program helped me to gain from 68 kg to 80 kg (150 - 176 lbs).

Bony To Bombshell

Did your girlfriend or wife said she wants to go to a gym but is not sure where to start? Buy her Bony to Bombshell | The muscle-building program for women and enjoy the future gains together 😉