You have finally decided to start and are now on the lookout for the perfect gym to join.  What do you look for when trying to find a good gym?

5 things to look for when choosing a gym

  1. Cost
  2. Member profile
  3. Equipment
  4. Accessibility
  5. Maintenance

Sure there can be more but let’s cover the basic stuff first.

1. Cost

This is the number one priority for most of us. It makes sense. The more money you save the more you can spend on supplements or milk 🙂 When you start it is best to buy one entrance just to try the gym if you like it. If all ok take short month membership and see how it feels in couple weeks. All ok? If you can afford it you can always buy 3 or 6 or 12 month membership.

I really recommend visit several different gyms first 3 to 5 so you can see which one has what to offer. Most gyms will let you walk the floor for free if you really want to just look around but that is just basic info. Always go there for at least one workout day to really see if you like the gym or not.

2. Member profile

This one is easy. There are “general public” gyms, mixed with men and women. Some gyms are just for ladies but that you can see fairly easy. There are also some VIP really expensive gyms with personal coaches and stuff but I believe it is not necessary.

Second part can be the actual people. You know the feeling when you enter a room and everyone stares at you like “who the heck is this, why is he here?” no good right? You want to find such gym where you will feel good and nobody seems too much out of the ordinary or just plain crazy 😉

3. Equipment

There are quite few crucial things to consider what the gym must have or it is a no go.

Power Cage / Power Rack / Squat Cage

This is the dream I know 🙂 …


… but the squat rack you will be using looks like this usually:


It is great for the big lifts you will be doing. Very safe place to do Bench Press and both Back Squat or Front Squat. You can adjust safety bars at the height you need and you will not need a spotter in case you will not be able to handle the weight properly. Much better than getting crushed by the weight if you were to lift without a spotter outside the cage.

Cable machines

There are endless varieties of this machine. Most are really great but in reality you will need only couple of them. You can do here Lat Pulldown, Bicep Curls, workout your triceps, chest, shoulders and so much more.



Heavy dumbbells

Now you think I am joking 🙂 All dumbells are heavy right? Well. When you start, sure. When you progress and become more advanced? Do not be so sure. Sooner before you can say: “chest, back, legs” you will gain your first 5 kg / 11 lbs and quite some strength along with it and the old dumbells that seemed heavy will be just need really heavy dumbells for all the fun exercises and future challenges. Things like

You will need heavy dumbells for exercises like Sumo Deadlift or Goblet Squat.

What do I mean by heavy? 30 – 50 kg = 66 – 110 lbs


4. Accessibility

This is obvious. You will want to take into account how close is the gym located to your home. Is it close to your home? The farther away the gym is, the less likely you will go there. It can be also close to your work. This can be more convenient for you going there in the morning on your way to work or after on your way back home.

5. Maintenance

There is nothing worse than going to the gym, finding a piece of equipment broken, notifying someone about it, and then going back in a few days later and it is still broken. You want to visit a gym that looks like it is maintained and clean.


This is my gym

It was the biggest gym I was able to find with lots of open space.  I am lucky because this is also the cheapest gym in my city and also on the way to my office and some 10 minutes from my house. Really convenient.

I tried several gyms over the years but except 2 specialized gyms that I visit (Olympic Weightlifting + Strongman) this is my go to “general public” gym 🙂


I hope this will help you to choose your gym and start your own transformation!

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