Hi Reetta,

glad to have you here. I would like to ask you couple questions. πŸ™‚

You are coach at Bony To Bombshell | Muscle-Building Training Program for Women which is amazing way to help girls. Lifting woman, ehmm, sorry Wonder Woman πŸ˜‰ It would be great if you could share your journey and experience.

The Interview

1.] How did you find Bony To Bombshell? Did you do any sports before you started going to gym?

Reeta: Yes, I was familiar with weightlifting before I started the program. I had been a gym member for few years and I did weightlifting three or four times per week. I also did horseback riding and running. I was pretty bored with the gym program I was doing at the time and I was lacking motivation.

My husband had started Bony To Beastly and told me that the guys who made the program were making one for women too and they needed beta testers. I became interested and emailed the guys. That’s how it all began, I have been onboard almost from the very beginning, I became a coach a year and a half ago and I’ve learned so much.

2.] Most of us are busy may it be school or work or family and time is of the essence. Did you have any specific goal when you started the program?

Reeta: My goal was to find a way to make all this a way of life not just a hobby. I wanted the gym time to be me-time and something that helps to relief stress. I haves pretty hectic job and the gym actually became a place where I could let out some steam.

“I wanted gym time to be me-time and something that helps to relief stress.”

3.] What were your specific troubles and challenges that you encountered on your journey and had to overcome?

Reeta: The problems became when the routines went off. For example, when I had my wisdom tooth operated or I had too much going on in my life or had some motivation problems I fell off the wagon. Finding a way to get back onboard is always a challenge but that’s where the community and all the support from there helps a lot.

4.] Success seems difficult to define and motivation is a key element that lots of people are missing. How would you define these two things? What was a success for you and what keeps you motivated during bad times?

Reeta: I always think that everyone should make these small goals that are very achievable. When you achieve something, no matter how small, it gives a motivational boost. “If I was able to achieve this I CAN achieve that other thing too.” The small goals can be something like achieving daily protein goals or squatting half of your body weight. If you have only one big goal it’s a lot harder to keep the motivation high.

For me the member community was and is the best place to get help. The way that we support and root for each other is the best thing for motivation.

“For me the member community was and is the best place to get help.”

5.] Who was your childhood movie idol, perhaps some female heroine like Cleopatra or Wonder Woman?

Reeta: I actually didn’t have one…

6.] Imagine you are living in a parallel universe. You are Wonder Woman the leader of “Amazons” searching for new woman warriors among the skinny tribes. There is Initiation: a rite of passage marking acceptance into the Sisterhood. What exercise would you choose?

Reeta: Probably the exercise that women rule and that women beat guys with: glute bridge.

7.] What would be the message from you both personally and also as BonyToBombshell coach to all those skinny girls out there struggling to figure out what to do, how to gain weight? Any recommendations, motivation perhaps?

Reeta: Take one step at a time, eat enough protein, lift heavy (safely!) and have fun! If you find a “gym family” like BonytoBombshell member community, it makes your journey a lot easier!

“Take one step at a time, eat enough protein, lift heavy (safely!) and have fun!”

Daniel: Thanks so much for sharing your story πŸ™‚ I know you are huge inspiration for many girls and women already. Keep up the good work!


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“Remember to let your body recover between the workout days.
On rest days I love to do yoga or foam rolling.”

~ Reetta



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