Original Beast: Albert

The man behind: skinnyguyproject.com and my inspiration for this blog.
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The Interview

1.] “Why did you start working out in the first place? Was it general feeling you are skinny and want to put on some muscle or was there some other deeper meaning to it for you?”

Albert: I first started lifting weights in high school for probably the same reason many high school teenage boys do – to try to get buff and get a six pack abs to impress the girls! I struggled for many years through university trying to find a routine that worked for me. Eventually, in my late 20s I finally ‘enough was enough’ and took it as a complete challenge to improve my life. I wasn’t eating healthy, clothes didn’t fit me, I had low energy, and my confidence wasn’t great. I took it as a challenge to improve all aspects of my mental and physical health.

“I struggled for many years through university trying to find a routine that worked for me.”

2.] “Most of us are busy may it be school or work and time is of the essence. Did you have any specific goal in mind or date set when you started your transformation that you wanted to reach? Like do it in 1 year and gain 10 kg / 20 lbs of muscle?”

Albert: At my lowest weight as an adult (128 lbs), I took it as an open ended goal. I wanted to gain at least 1 lb per week and wanted to see where I’d end up. I wanted to get to at least 160 lbs because at least at that weight I’d look like a ‘normal’ person, hah!

3.] “What were your specific troubles and challenges that you encountered on your journey and had to overcome?”

Albert: When I finally started taking everything seriously, I was right at the beginning of my medical residency training. This meant I was often at work in the hospital for around 60-70 hours per week. Plus, money was also tight, so i couldn’t just eat like I was at my parents’ house. It was also a bit intimidating trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to be doing in terms of working out, and eating.

4.] “Who was your childhood movie hero, perhaps buffed dude and your idol?”

Albert: I’m not really into movies – but the physique I often wanted to attain was something like an Olympic swimmer’s physique. Or maybe Brad Pitt in the Fight Club movie. Something not super crazy muscular like the Mr. Olympia bodybuilders, but something lean, powerful, and realistic looking.

“I often wanted to attain was something like an Olympic swimmer’s physique.”

5.] “Success seems difficult to define and motivation is a key element that lots of people are missing. How would you define these two things? What was a success for you related to your transformation and what keeps you motivated during bad times?”

Albert: I’m a visual and goal oriented person, so I with every small ‘success’ I found more and more motivation. For instance, when I first started off, one of my goals was to go to the gym three times in a week. When I did that, I would give myself a check mark and cross it off my goals list. Even if my workout wasn’t perfect or if I had to cut it short for whatever reason, I still felt like it was a success. Then it led to calorie counting. It was very rewarding for me to meet my goal for the day, and I would do everything to reach the goal. If I was a hundred calories short for the day, I’d go into the kitchen to find anything healthy to eat to meet my goal.

6.] “Imagine you are living in a post-apocalyptic world. You are the leader of Brotherhood of “Bony To Beastly” searching for new members among the skinny tribes of the wasteland. There is Initiation: a rite of passage marking acceptance into the Brotherhood. What exercise would you choose?”

Albert: Hahah – I have no idea how to answer this. That’s a tough one. I surely hope we’d never reach a post-apocalyptic world. Maybe you have to prove that you’re willing to do anything and everything to put on muscle and weight. I never thought I’d add raw eggs to my protein shakes or take shots of olive oil to meet my calories…but I eventually did. So maybe that — olive oil shots!

7.] “What would be the message from you to all those skinny guys out there struggling to figure out what to do, how to gain weight? Any recommendations, motivation perhaps?”

Albert: You must figure out what YOUR specific motivation is, write it down. My reasons for gaining weight and muscle will be different from yours. What motivates me might not motivate you – so you have to learn about yourself. Next, be consistent. There’s so many different workout programs, my advice is to pick one and just jump in and do it for a few months. Don’t get stuck in inactivity. Then as you develop the habit and routine, you can fine tune your program to what works for you. And above all, take the time to learn how to do the exercises properly with good form!

“You must figure out what YOUR specific motivation is, write it down.”

Daniel: Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and share your story with other members here 😉

And personally from me THANK YOU for inspiring me and talking to me about my blog in the past, without that, I guess I would never start and man, I love it! 🙂